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>Gays Rule….Or At Least They Win Primaries


We’ve been having a nice gay week or so.

Prop H8 overturned.
Same-sex marriages must be recognized in every Mexican state.
Steven Slater gave rudeness the finger.

And to top it off, several openly gay and lesbian candidates scored big wins this past Tuesday in primary elections in Georgia, Colorado and Connecticut.

In Connecticut, Kevin Lembo won the Democratic primary for State Comptroller. Lembo is now the favorite to win the general election, and is on his way to becoming one of just a handful of openly LGBT candidates to win statewide office in the U.S.

In Colorado State Senator Lucia Guzman won her Democratic primary, and is well-positioned to keep the seat to which she was recently appointed. Guzman is an ordained minister and an out lesbian who hopes to invigorate efforts to pass legislation that secures key partnership rights for LGBT people and their families.

In Georgia, Joan Garner, an openly lesbian African-American, won her race for a seat on the Fulton County Commission in Atlanta. Because no other candidates qualified to be on the ballot in November, she will become the commission’s first openly LGBT member.

Congrats to the gays! One of the best ways to fight the system is to be out, proud, vocal, and working on the inside.
Gays rule!



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>The Catholic Church: More Punishing The Innocent


Out in Boulder, Colorado, a preschool student at a Catholic school will not be allowed to return to school next year because of what is going on at home. See, the student’s parents are women, and the Denver Archdiocese says their homosexual relationship violates the school’s beliefs and policy so they will deny the child an education.

Again, the Catholic Church punishing the innocent for their homophobic beliefs.

According to teachers at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School, a meeting was held last week to discuss this issue, and they were told that the student would not be allowed to re-enroll because of his or her [they are keeping the child’s name out of the news] parents’ sexual orientation. The staff members were told not to speak to the media, though the Archdiocese happily announced to the press that “[h]omosexual couples living together as a couple are in disaccord with Catholic teaching” and that “[n]o person shall be admitted as a student in any Catholic school unless that person and his/her parent(s) subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the educational policies and regulations of the school and Archdiocese.”

An innocent child denied education because of the church’s homophobic leanings. What’s next? Will they shut down their foster care program, or adoption programs? oops, done that. well, maybe then they’ll stop offering benefits to employees lest The Gays should be allowed the same. Oops, done that, too.

School staff members, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, say they are disgusted by the Archdiocese’s decision. Staff members said they were not allowed to discuss the decision after it was made. Some of them said they were disheartened to work at a school that preaches peace and love, but also makes this decision.
Very Christlike of the church, but then they aren’t about the teachings of Christ, they are about discrimination and protecting pedophiles. And keeping lock stock and loaded gun on their vast wealth.

Well, I got news for you, Catholic Church, you can’t buy your way into Heaven with coin; it’s your deeds and your actions that will get you there.

Too bad.


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>A New Kind Of Hero


On Saturday, Denver resident Ethan McNamee was front and center at the Colorado State Capitol pushing for same sex marriage in his state. McNamee arranged for the rally because he’s been hearing a lot more anti-gay remarks used to taunt people, and because there is a same-sex couple that lives in his neighborhood who are not allowed the same rights and privileges as other Americans.

Ethan McNamee got angry, and then he got busy.

“Everybody is different in a good way,” he said. Ethan believes that if two people love each other that is the only issue to be considered, so he took it upon himself to arrange the rally and line up the guest speakers. He admitted it was more work then he thought it would be, but adds it was fun.

So, listen and watch the news reports of Ethan McNamee’s marriage equality rally in Denver.

Oh, yeah, one more thing: Ethan McNamee is in the third grade at Montclair Elementary.
Ethan McNamee is the future. And he’s my newest hero.


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>Another Step, Albeit A Half-Step


Last week Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed House Bill 1260, the Designated Beneficiary Agreement Act, a bill allowing same-sex couples to obtain some of the legal rights of marriage. Since it has some of the rights of marriage, albeit not the name, some are calling it Marriage Light.

The Designated Beneficiary Agreement Act goes into effect on July 1, 2009 and permits two unmarried adults to designate each other as beneficiaries through a single form. Previously, many of the rights under the Act were only available contractually through legal documents, such as wills and powers of attorney, but now they are available without the additional cost of an attorney. The Act has also added several rights not previously available under Colorado law, such as the ability to file a wrongful death lawsuit on a partner’s behalf.

While this is one of those “baby steps” I am so fond of talking about, we also need to remember that the Colorado state legislature previously failed to approve of civil unions for same-sex partners in 2006, and that same year voters passed a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

The full list of rights provided by the Designated Beneficiary Agreement Act entitles couples to:

  • Certain financial protections regarding ownership of real and personal property
  • Be a proxy decision-maker or a surrogate decision-maker to make other medical decisions for the other designated beneficiary
  • Be a conservator or guardian for the other designated beneficiary
  • Be treated as a beneficiary under the other designated beneficiary’s benefits for life insurance
  • Be treated as a dependent under the other designated beneficiary’s benefits for health insurance if the designated beneficiary’s employer elects to provide coverage to designated beneficiaries
  • Have the right to visit the other designated beneficiary in the hospital or in a nursing home
  • Inherit through intestate succession upon the death of the other designated beneficiary
  • Have standing to sue for wrongful death of the other designated beneficiary
  • Act as an agent to make, revoke, or object to anatomical gifts involving the other designated beneficiary
  • Direct the disposition of the other designated beneficiary’s last remains


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>Republican Speech Is Hate Speech


What the hell is wrong with people today?
Especially our elected officials?

Colorado has it’s share of moron politicians…more than it’s share, really, but this asshat takes the cake, turns it into a dress, and dances a jig while wearing it.

Repugnant State Senator Dave Schultheis said he planned to vote against a bill to require HIV tests for pregnant women because the disease “stems from sexual promiscuity” and he didn’t think the Legislature should “remove the negative consequences that take place from poor behavior and unacceptable behavior.”

He then cast the only vote against the bill, which passed 32-1.

Angered by Schultheis’ asinine remarks, one of the bill’s sponsors, Democratic Senator Lois Tochtrop–who is also a nurse–said, “HIV does not just come from sexual promiscuity, it comes from many other things — contaminated blood, for one. What this bill will do and why it’s so important to test the woman when she is pregnant — if she is HIV-positive, treatment is started immediately to protect the baby, the unborn baby.”

Reaction to Senator Asshat’s remarks rippled through the Capitol, from Democrats; the Repugnants, as usual, kept their goosestepping lips zipped.
Senator Jennifer Veiga, Democrat and the Colorado legislature’s only openly lesbian member: “Sen. Schultheis drew the conclusion that anyone who may have HIV is sexually promiscuous…I find that offensive in the context of this bill and I find it offensive in the context of the gay community….I think [Schultheis] owes the [Legislature] and the public at large an apology.” Veiga said; she also spoke out against the Repugnant Party for staying silent.

But why should they speak now, when Repugnant Colorado Senator Scott Douchebag Renfroe thinks, and says out loud, that homosexuals are like murderers and should be put to death.

That’s right, Colorado, you have two AssHatDouchebags in your state house.
In the interests of fairness, this is exactly what Schultheis said:

“Thank you, Madam President. You know, this was a difficult bill for me. I voted yes in committee on it because of discussions surrounding the fact that — well, let me just basically say this, it basically modifies the communicable disease laws and it requires the health care providers to test pregnant women for HIV unless they opt out. And that’s basically, that’s the main part of this bill. I voted yes on it. I was a little bit troubled with my vote and was just wondering what was bothering me. I woke up the next morning — Thursday morning — at 5 a.m. and I wrestled with this bill for another hour from 5 to 6 and finally came to the conclusion I’m going to be a no vote on this. I’m trying to think through what the role of government is here.

And I am not convinced that part of the role of government should be to protect individuals from the negative consequences of their actions.

Sexual promiscuity, we know, causes a lot of problems in our state, one of which, obviously, is the contraction of HIV. And we have other programs that deal with the negative consequences — we put up part of our high schools where we allow students maybe 13 years old who put their child in a small daycare center there.

We do things continually to remove the negative consequences that take place from poor behavior and unacceptable behavior, quite frankly, and I don’t think that’s the role of this body.
As a result of that I finally came to the conclusion I would have to be a no vote on this because this stems from sexual promiscuity for the most part, and I just can’t vote on this bill and I wanted to explain to this body why I was going to be a no vote on this.”
But it gets worse. Schultheis, in response to questions about his idiotic statements, said this:
What I’m hoping is that, yes, that person may have AIDS, have it seriously as a baby and when they grow up, but the mother will begin to feel guilt as a result of that….The family will see the negative consequences of that promiscuity and it may make a number of people over the coming years begin to realize that there are negative consequences and maybe they should adjust their behavior.”

So Schultheis says you contract HIV because you’re a slut, and that as a slut, should you get pregnant, he hopes the baby contracts AIDS so the mother can feel guilty for her promiscuity.

If you live in Colorado, get this AssHat out of office.
If you don’t live there, remember that these haters are in our government, making decisions for us, and Vote. Them. Out.


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