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>Dear "The Situation": This Is How Abs Are Done

>Kellan Lutz, in Spanish Men’s Health:




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>Helloooooooooooooo Handsome

>Chris Pine.
My Husband-In-My-Head….and Carlos is okay with that.
Killer smile, gorgeous baby blues, leather pants.
Plus, he’s in a new movie with my, ahem, other Husband-In-My-Head, Denzel Washington.
I’ll be in the front row.



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>Happy Birthday……

>… Hugh Jackman and his Huge Ackman.


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>This One’s For The Boys……Seriously, Ladies, He’s Ours

>Matt Bomer.
My, um, latest, boyfriend-in-my-head. And I do drive Carlos a little crazy, watching White Collar and saying things like, “Hellooooooo Handsome.” But, I can have my little fantasy, can’t I?

And, ALLEGEDLY, Matt Bomer is a happily-partnered gay man, and father of three.
Cute, hot, gay.


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>Happy Birthday Tom Brady

Or, as I like to call him, ManCandy.
Apparently, the dapper Mr Brady is some sort of athlete, though I don’t know…I don’t follow the volleyball…but he sure is purty, and he’s thirty-three-years-hot today.


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>Happy Birthday Honey


To My-Husband-In-My-Head, Randy Andy Cooper!


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>The Gayest Oscar Show EVER!!!!!!

I love me some Oscar.

I’m a big gay Oscar show queen; it’s like my Superbowl, so cut me some slack.
I love the wacky fashion and the inane rambling thank-you speeches; the things that happen that shouldn’t; the things that should happen but don’t.
And, well, it’s just so gay.
And this year proves to be the gayest Oscars ever. With lots of man candy and gay heartthrobs on a show produced by a gay man, Adam Shankman.
It don’t get much gayer, unless it’s the Tony’s.
Here are just some of my :::::Hot Flashes::::: for Sunday night:
Chris Pine

Bradley Cooper

Jake Gyllenhaal

Tom Ford

Keanu Reeves

Gerard Butler

Ryan Reynolds
Sam Worthington

Channing Tatum
And, for the younger gays, or the gays who like their mens younger, but legal:
Zac Efron

Taylor Lautner


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