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>Loose Ends


I loves me some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I LOVE Brit Lisa Vanderpump. I always love a Diva Brit with a rockin’ bod and a way with words.

Here are just a few of my favorite Lisa quotes:
On Camille’s dancing: “She was really shaking it and moving it. I think all that’s missing was a pole, really.”
On her gay houseguest Cedric: “I was very disappointed to see that under all that dynamite, there’s like a two-inch fuse.”
On former childstar and castmate, Kim: “It was all good fun, but Kim seemed much more reserved and much more on the outside. Maybe she went back to Witch Mountain.”
On having sex with her husband: “My husband calls me a sex object. He says every time he wants sex, I object. I say to him, you know what? Christmas and birthdays. And it’s your birthday, not mine; it’s another day off.”
On Taylor and her husband Russell: “I mean, Taylor’s a bright, vivacious, attractive woman. Evidently, opposites attract.”
On setting up Kim on a blind date: “I actually have somebody in mind, but he’s — actually, he’s still behind bars.”

Johnny Weir.
He’s come out.
Of the closet.
He’s gay.
Who knew?
But he’s copping to his love for all things men and feather boa in his new autobiography.
Color me surprised.
I kid.
Color me nonplussed.

What about the woman who had a meltdown while the republicans in Congress wasted time reading the Constitution instead of, oh, I dunno, getting to fucking work?
They were reading the passage about the president having to be a natural born citizen, when, from up in the gallery, Theresa Cao screamed something like, “It’s people! Soylent green is people!”
Oh? That isn’t what she said?
“Not Obama! Not Obama! Help us Jesus!”
Yeah, that’s what she screamed before security dragged her crazy birthing ass outta there.

I know reality shows aren’t real, but they aren’t even pretending anymore. I mean, when someone like Calvin, who doesn’t win a challenge, doesn’t work well with others, insults his clients, stays on The Fashion Show, it makes me wonder.
And I kept wondering after Casey was eliminated from Top Chef all-Stars this week for her chicken feet.
No, she doesn’t have chicken feet, she served chicken feet.
And they were awful.
But, um, yeah, what about Jamie?
Jamie cut her finger a couple of weeks back and left to go to the hospital, leaving her team to do all the work. She came back in time to accept some of the credit.
She didn’t get knifed.
Then the next week, she couldn’t get her chickpeas soft–and that is not any sort of lesbian sexual reference, I mean actual chickpeas–and she didn’t serve the judges any food at all because her tam won before her hard peas were plated.
She didn’t get knifed.
Then this week she makes nearly inedible scallop dumplings and overcooked green beans and, again, she doesn’t get knifed.
Casey and her chicken feet are sent packing.
Who is Jamie $^%^#^^ing to stay on the show.

Elizabeth Edwards left her ex-husband, John, nothing in her will and people are seemingly in shock.
Let’s see.
He cheated on her.
His mistress gave birth to his son.
She divorced him.
He’s rich.
I’d be surprised if she left him anything at all, unless it was his balls in a jar.

I saw Bill O’Reilly debating with an atheist the other day, I think his name was David Silverman. Silverman’s group is responsible for billboards in NYC, and elsewhere, that call religion a scam, and the use of the word scam offended O’Reilly.
But, what offended me, or actually made me laugh out loud, was when O’Reilly said proof of God exists in the fact that the ocean tides rise and fall each day.
Um, Bill, that’s actually the moon.
And, according to Vera Charles, the man in the moon is a lady.

And what about newly elected Florida Republican, Teabagger, wingnut, asshat and fucktard, Allen West who says he hates Obama; hates him. He criticized Obama for going to Afghanistan and having Air Force One land at nice out of concern for the president’s safety. He thinks the president should put his life at risk and land in broad daylight like the soldiers do, and yet, he was wasn’t the least bit concerned that every single president who travels to a war zone lands at night.
He wants Obama to change that.
And I think maybe Obama should, once Allen West flies his illiterate Teabaggin’ ass over to Afghanistan and parachutes from the plane at high noon with a giant red flaming bulls eye tattooed on his large fat ass.

Just sayin’.



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>I Didn’t Say It…..


Deputy President of the Supreme Court, Lord Hope of Craighead, on the Supreme Court of Britain ruling that LGBT people living in parts of the world which aren’t so open-minded can find refuge in the UK:
“To compel a homosexual person to pretend that his sexuality does not exist or to suppress the behaviour by which it manifests itself is to deny him his fundamental right to be who he is. Homosexuals are as much entitled to freedom of association with others who are of the same sexual orientation as people who are straight.”
Sad to say, there are many LGBT around the world, and in this country, who are need of a safe place to live.

Former child star, Kellie Martin, on Miley Cyrus’s future:
“I would tell Miley to go to college….It’s really, really important to get an education because when all of this is gone, then at least you have your education. Then you can do whatever it is you want to do. If tomorrow I decided to stop being an actor I could go do a lot of other things.
Knowing that makes me a whole person and have confidence in who I am as a whole person as opposed to confidence in who I am as just an actor. I’m capable of dealing with life things as opposed to having other people around me deal with all my life things, which I think is really important. She’s actually wildly talented, little Miley Cyrus, and she has a sweet family. If she went to college, she’d be totally set. She’d be set forever.”
Too late Kellie. Mylie has been a lifelong student in ther college of Do-What-I-Can-To-Keep-Myself-In-The-Public-Eye to worry about having an education.

Joan Rivers, on the one scene she asked to have cut from Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work:
“I gave them carte blanche. There was only one scene in the film that I had them remove and it involved Edgar. Melissa asked that it be taken out. There was a scene where I walk by Edgar’s photograph, and I say ‘Fuck you’ for what he did. Unless you’ve lived through a suicide, you don’t know what it’s like. You never get over being angry with someone who leaves you like that. They were very nice about taking it out.”
Suicide is a very selfish thing to do, and leaves the “survivors” feeling angry at the ones who killed themselves.
Johnny Weir, on his sexuality:
“I’ve always been comfortable with who I am. When it comes to my sexuality, I just finished the chapter in my book [to be released in January] about my sexuality and my idea of it. I haven’t discussed it—not because I’m ashamed of anything you’ll read about when my book comes out—I just don’t want to put it out there in a way where someone can twist my words. While I don’t believe in masculinity and femininity, I don’t believe in a purely gay person or a purely straight person. I have a very clear opinion of my own sexuality. I’m not saying anything about my sexuality because I want it to be out there in my own words.”
Did everyone get that?
He’s not saying anything because he wants to be the one to say it.

Prince, on the Internet:
“You must come and listen to the album. I hope you like it. It’s great that it will be free to readers of your newspaper. I really believe in finding new ways to distribute my music. The internet’s completely over. I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can’t get it. The internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.”
Yeah, it’s over. It was just a fad like cars and flying through the air, or going into space.

Popular Mexican actress Kenia Gascón, coming out in the weekly magazine TV Notas:
“I’ve spent my entire life pretending, pleasing others out of fear of losing my job or other opportunities. But in the end, you lose your identity, ultimately limiting yourself.”
I wonder if we can get Johnny Weir to spend a few minutes with Kenia.
Maybe then he’ll understand that, while one’s own sexuality is one’s own business, it’s important to come out, so that you can truly feel free, and trul be yourself.
Welcome, Kenia, your toaster oven and copy of the Gay Agenda, now available in English and Spanish, should be arriving soon!
Fiddy Cent, on Diddy [these are actual names of men and I’m gay?]:
“Puffy is a bitch. He wanted to be the hot bitch in his group… You know how an ugly bitch surrounds herself with pretty girls? Well, he is the pretty bitch with the other girls around him. He will suck the life out of everyone he is around. His music sucks. It’s bad. He’s not an artist anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. When you think about it, is he a rapper? Because he says he doesn’t write rhymes, he writes cheques. Nobody’s buying [‘Last Train to Paris’] he even said it himself that he doesn’t expect it to sell.”
I hate when divas fight, and this might get uglier thasn the longstanding Mariah-Whitney feud!

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>Why Is It…..

>….that when I saw this……..

I immediately thought of this…..?

Still, Johnny knows how to rock the Derby.


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>I Didn’t Say It

Focus on Family head, Jim Daly, who replaced James Dobson, on gay marriage and how he doesn’t think it’s the end of the world as we know it:
“I’m not fearful that change will happen in America. It will happen. I don’t know what will happen with same-sex marriage, but I’m not going to be discouraged if we lose some of those battles. It’s going to be difficult in this culture and the way the demographics are going right now. You look at the under-35 age group. I think it’s splitting 60-40 support for same-sex marriage….I will continue to defend traditional marriage, but I’m not going to demean human beings for the process.”

Cyndi Lauper, on Lady Gaga:
“People forget how young she is. She is barely 24–much younger than I was when I became famous. It’s very tough being where she is right now. People are pulling her in all different directions. It’s hard to navigate that…I can’t wait to see how she grows and what she decides her next act will be…When I see somebody like Gaga, I sit back in admiration. I’m inspired to pick up the torch again myself. I did an interview with her once, and she showed up with a sculpture on her head. I thought, How awesome…She isn’t a pop act, she is a performance artist. She herself is the art. She is the sculpture.”

Bad Hair Life, Donald Trump, on why he thinks fascism in Arizona is a good thing [sidenote: I wonder how many employees at his hotels and resorts and spas don’t have “papers”]:
“Well it all starts with the federal government not coming out with a law. They’ve been talking about it for years and they still haven’t done anything about it. And Arizona is really getting crime-ridden. There’s people coming over, there’s killings all over the place, there’s shootings all over the place. What are you going to do? I mean, are you going to stop people to see if they’re supposed to be there? And personally as a citizen I wouldn’t mind, I really wouldn’t mind.”

Laura Bush, on how she asked her idiot husband not to make gay marriage an issue in the 2004 election–of course he didn’t listen, he’s a dumbass like that:
“In 2004 the social question that animated the campaign was gay marriage. Before the election season had unfolded, I had talked to George about not making gay marriage a significant issue. We have, I reminded him, a number of close friends who are gay or whose children are gay. But at that moment I could never have imagined what path this issue would take and where it would lead.”

Olympic Gold Medalist, and ALLEGED heterosexual, Evan Lysacek on Johnny Weir’s complaint about not being asked to join the “Stars On Ice” tour:
“‘Stars on Ice’ is really selective of who they hire and they only hire the best of the best to skate. It would’ve been hard of them to justify hiring him, and I think he was really upset because he wanted the financial benefit of the tour. A lot of us in the skating world were really disappointed in the way he reacted, basically whining that he wasn’t chosen.”

Outsports, on Evan Lysacek’s statement about Johnny Weir:
“No Evan, Johnny wasn’t whining. He was reacting to perceived homophobia. But I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that, since you’re straight as an arrow. At least Evan left this little gem for us in the interview…
“‘Last question: Are you seeing anyone?
I’m single. The reason, well…(laughs)…I’m limited to who I can see. I’m dating in L.A., but I just haven’t found the right girl.'”

Johnny Weir, on Evan Lysacek:
“He’s a slore.”

Molly Ringwald on why there were no gay characters in the John Hughes movies:
“Maybe it was just too soon and too controversial at the time, but from what I understand, John was a big Republican. I really didn’t know this back then, and maybe he wasn’t when I was working with him, but I guess he became one. Not to say that all Republicans are antigay, but historically, you know, that has to rub off a little bit, right?”

Ricky Martin, Tweeting about the new fascist state of Arizona:
“Equality is understanding that we all come from the same place. Racial profiling should never be tolerated, in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. We’re moving backwards. Scary.”
Colin Farrell, on his sex tape [note to Colin: Honey, I was doing a lot of thing. Laughing? Not one of them]:
“I didn’t really give too much a fuck about that-I just didnt want it on demand in a hotel room. It was a bit of an expensive 14 minutes. But at the end of the day, it was something to be laughed at.”
Arizona Fascist Governor Jan Brewer on best gal-pal MooseMess Palin:
“Had such a great time with Sarah Palin last night that we went to the Diamondbacks game today before she left town. It was great talking to her about my efforts here in Arizona of securing our borders, fighting Obama Care and preserving our 2nd Amendment rights.”
Sterling, Virginia District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, spreading homophobic hate in a fundraising letter:
“Frankly if you really do support the radical Homosexual Agenda–or if you just no longer care enough to stand up for the family–insiders in Congress say the entire Homosexual Agenda could pass in a matter of months. Special job rights for homosexuals and lesbians. Businesses may have to adopt hiring quotas to protect themselves from lawsuits. Every homosexual fired or not hired becomes a potential federal civil rights lawsuit.
Radical homosexuals will terrorize day care centers, hospitals, churches and private schools. Traditional moral values will be shattered by federal law. Same-sex marriages and adoptions. Wedding-gown clad men smooching before some left-wing clergy or state official is just the beginning. You’ll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to ‘pick out’ a little boy for themselves.
Homosexual advocacy in schools. Your children or grandchildren will be taught homosexuality is moral, natural and good. High school children will learn perverted sex acts as part of “safe sex” education. With condoms already handed out in many schools, Radical Homosexuals will have little trouble adopting today’s “if it feels good do it” sex-ed curriculum to their agenda. And to add insult to injury, lobbyists for the Homosexual Agenda are paid off with your tax dollars! That’s right, radical homosexual groups like the Gay-Lesbian Task Force and ACT-UP receive millions from the government.”
Complete moron Sarah Palin, on organic food:
“I eat granola. I eat a lot of organic food. I have to shoot and catch a lot of my organic food before I eat it.”
Bryan Fischer, wingnutting for the American Family Association:
“Bottom line: you want to know who’s now running the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy and the Marines and calling the shots where it counts? Fundamentalist Muslims and homosexual activists.”

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>I Didn’t Say It……


Constance McMillen, the lesbian student whose prom was cancelled because she wanted to wear a tuxedo and bring her girlfriend:
“Anytime I feel like this is too hard, I think about the support I’m getting. And I’m just ecstatic that so many people would come together like this. I never dreamed there could be so much support out there for me. It’s just amazing. I’m so thankful… The locals don’t like me, but I can’t help it. And things were really hostile in school last week after they cancelled prom. People were rude, and if people talked to me at all it was real short answers. There are a few people who are with me, my real friends, people who are intelligent enough to realize what’s really going on here.”

Henry Rollins, in Vanity Fair:

“Let the record speak for itself. The Catholic Church does not approve of homosexuality; their position on pedophilia, however, is not as clear. I am sure most Catholics do not approve of pedophilia, but the executive branch of Catholicism seems to have difficulty convincing some of us that they are willing to do what is necessary to make sure that the members of their staff who are active sexual predators are brought to justice.”I can’t see any sane person not wanting someone who harms innocent children taken out of circulation as soon as possible. Relocating them is tantamount to enabling them further. Maybe there should be a television show called To Catch A Priest. I’ll watch. I think the expulsion of this child from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School is the best break the parents could have hoped for. Children should be raised in an environment of kindness and encouragement, not discrimination and ignorance.”

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson, responding to Sarah Palin’s attack on him:
“As the Knave’s horse says in Alice in Wonderland, ‘dogs will believe anything.’ I’m sure Sarah Palin knows all about politics in Central Florida, since from her porch she can see Winter Park. I look forward to an honest debate with Governor Palin on the issues, in the unlikely event that she ever learns anything about them.”
Arizona GOP Senate candidate and wingnut radio host JD Hayworth, comparing same-sex marriage to horse fucking:
“You see, the Massachusetts Supreme Court, when it started this move toward same-sex marriage, actually defined marriage — now get this — it defined marriage as simply, ‘the establishment of intimacy.’ Now how dangerous is that? I mean, I don’t mean to be absurd about it, but I guess I can make the point of absurdity with an absurd point — I guess that would mean if you really had affection for your horse, I guess you could marry your horse. It’s just the wrong way to go, and the only way to protect the institution of marriage is with that federal marriage amendment that I support.”

Iowa Family Policy Center’s Chuck Hurley, anti-gay wingnut, citing a report this week by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that showed gay men have higher rates of HIV and syphilis:
“The Iowa Legislature outlawed smoking in an effort to improve health and reduce the medical costs that are often passed on to the state. The secondhand impacts of certain homosexual acts are arguably more destructive, and potentially more costly to society than smoking. Homosexual activity is certainly more dangerous for the individuals who engage in it than is smoking….Because of their (legislators) unwillingness to correct the error of last April’s Iowa Supreme Court opinion, the Iowa Legislature is responsible for sanctioning activities that will lead to dramatically higher rates of HIV and syphilis in Iowa.”

Josh Brolin, on playing Dan White in Milk:
“To me, when I look at a character, what makes it interesting for me is: What’s the redeeming value of who the person is, and how far did they have to jump to do the awful thing that they’ve done? I’d heard the confession of Dan White, and a very revealing thing for me was, he kept saying — this was an hour and a half after after he killed Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone. His fingertips were very hot. He remembers, from one shooting to the other, from walking across the City Hall, from Moscone’s office to Harvey’s office, that his fingertips were, uh, hot. I thought that was an interesting thing…I don’t like killing, as an actor. When I shot Sean Penn’s character in ‘Milk,’ there was a lot of joking going on at the moment because we couldn’t deal with the intensity of it. I would much rather be the person dying than the person killing.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on hate:
“Hate has no place in the house of God. No one should be excluded from our love, our compassion or our concern because of race or gender, faith or ethnicity — or because of their sexual orientation. Nor should anyone be excluded from health care on any of these grounds.”

GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios on the cancellation of a gay storyline on One Life to Live:
“Last summer, One Life to Live brought a ground-breaking relationship into the homes of millions with Kyle and Fish’s story, one that built acceptance and understanding of gay people,. While we understand that the close of storylines is a frequent occurrence on daytime dramas, canceling this story just as it gains momentum is a step backward in ABC Daytime’s representation of the lives of gay Americans.”

Johnny Weir, on reports that the ‘Stars on Ice Tour’ is refusing to invite him:
“It’s for real. All because I am not family friendly enough. I understand I am a little outrageous but I wish I could perform for the fans…Maybe right now, just artistically and creatively, I’d love to have my own show, with musical acts, like maybe getting Lady Gaga! I don’t like to think there are any boundaries. Anytime you get men in glitter it’s flamboyant!”

Archbishop Charles Chaput, defending the Colorado school that denied re-enrollment to a boy because he has two mommies:
“The Church does not claim that people with a homosexual orientation are ‘bad,’ or that their children are less loved by God. Quite the opposite. But what the Church does teach is that sexual intimacy by anyone outside marriage is wrong; that marriage is a sacramental covenant; and that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman. These beliefs are central to a Catholic understanding of human nature, family and happiness, and the organization of society. The Church cannot change these teachings because, in the faith of Catholics, they are the teachings of Jesus Christ. [He added people with a different understanding of marriage and family life] have other, excellent options for education and should see in them the better course for their children.”


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>I Ain’t One To Gossip But……

>Okay, so this falls way into the “gossip” mode, but, oy, if it were true.
That bastion of fair reporting, The National Enquirer–Hey! They broke the John Edwards affair–is reporting that Jeremy Renner, nominated hottie, er actor, for The Hurt Locker, is a homo, though, he prefers to keep his private life private.
A woman named Melanee Wyatt, who claims to have worked as Jeremy’s acting coach says, “I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy’s boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern.”
And still other “sources” say Jeremy wants to star in a musical!

Oh yeah, gay, because only gay men make music.
Still, the idea that the owner of those baby blues could be a mo, has me all in a tizzy. So, Jeremy, if you are a member of the homosexual persuasion, let me be the first to welcome you, and tell you that your gift basket and Homosexual Agenda booklet should be arriving soon. If, um, you are not gay, well, then…………………you can still call me.
Now, while you’re here reading, take a look back at my PR7EP8 post from yesterday and look at who I find hot.
‘Nuff said.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has found the role of a lifetime!
Or, the role for a Lifetime Movie.
She’s set to play a prostitute–big stretch–in new TV movie, and, of the film, she says, with a supposed straight face, “It’s sort of like Erin Brockovich in a brothel.”
What? The story of a hooker who takes down a serial polluter?
Poor JLH.
I think she needs a ghost whisperer to tell her that she is less TV’s answer to Julia Roberts, and she’s more TV’s answer to Eric Roberts.

Oh, for the love of Judy, why?
A Wizard of Oz remake is in the works!
And not just one!
Apparently Warner Bros. Studios is looking to revamp the classic Judy Garland film for the new generation–not realizing that the original does nicely all by itself. There are allegedly two different scripts floating about. One has Dorothy playing a hooker in Oz; it’s kind of like Erin Brockovich goes over the rainbow and I hear Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks she’s perfect for it.

I kid. She’s not perfect for it.
In fact, one script is in the hands of New Line Cinema, one of the producers behind Twilight, so think of Lions and Tigers and Werewolves, oh my! They are calling their version Oz and it takes place in a maximum security men’s prison.
What? It’s been done? HBO? Really? Someone should tell New Line.
But the second script is supposedly darker–darker than a men’s prison?–and is being developed at Warner Bros. This one is about Dorothy’s granddaughter, who plays an Erin Brockovich-type hooker in Oz trapped in a men’s maximum security prison.
I kid.
Word to Hollywood: lay off the remakes. And don’t fuck with Dorothy.

Demi Moore is the world’s best mom.

No, really.
First, she spends kagillions on plastic surgery to make herself look younger and more beautiful than her own children, so they don’t run off with her much younger husband. And now, she’s teaching one daughter, Rumer, the fine art of pole dancing.
What happened to mother’s passing down recipes and wedding dresses?
Apparently Demi gave Rumer the ass-over-tits during a party at the Chateau Marmont. She was spinning and spinning around the pole while a crowd of onlookers, including her man-child hubby, looked on, and worried that, should she continue to go so fast, Demi would become a puddle of butter.
Only in Hollywood.

From reality TV comes reality.
One of the Rhode Island police officers currently competing in The Amazing Race has been put on “desk duty” after being suspected of involvement in a police-run cocaine ring!
Call me crazy, but my guess is, then, that the cops don’t win the race.
Louie Stravato is being investigated in what is being called a “large-scale” cocaine distribution operation, and three other officers have been arrested. Louie, to be fair, was not arrested, but he and four others have been assigned to desk duty.

More Weir fallout.
Johnny Weir was not invited to participate in the Stars on Ice U.S. National skating tour because tour producers feel that he is not, ahem, “family friendly;” code for homo. There have been loads of rumors that the tour producers and sponsors–one of whom is Smuckers–feel that Johnny is too gay.
For ice skating.
That’s like saying women lumberjacks might be too lesbian for a log rolling competition.
Go HERE and sign the petition asking to “Let Johnny skate!”

Mickey Rourke, pig du jour, and walking STD, is bragging about the number of women he slept with, in one night.
“Forget Ashley Cole, his behaviour has nothing on a film star. WAGs [wives and girlfriends of soccer stars] get an easy time – they should try living with Hollywood hellraisers. I once spent a weekend in the UK and had 14 women in one night.”
Fourteen women. It was like a petri dish of STDs in that room.
I need a bath, and a Karen Silkwood bleach scrub down.


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>I Didn’t Say It

So, I got a rather large chuckle out of Lindsay Lohan’s $100 million lawsuit against E-Trade yesterday. You remember, the one where she believes a milk-a-holic baby named Lindsay was based on her, because when you hear the name Lindsay you only think one thing. But funnier than Lindsay’s lawsuit, is Lindsay’s crazy mama and what she had to say:
“They’re little babies doing this, mocking another child who’s just trying to survive Hollywood, basically. I’m just basically glad I took a stand. I’m not going to let them do this to us anymore. Everyone knows Lindsay, like Cher or Madonna.”
Um, Mama? After a few arrests, and a few stints at rehab, and all those nights stumbling out of clubs drunk off your ass, not to mention the super-hip Lesbian affair, Lindsay is no longer a child.
Like you, she is simply childish.

Johnny Weir on Kate Gosselin, and her upcoming run on Dancing With The Stars:
“She was a terror. She was rude to everyone at this charity show, and showed up very late. She’s not a film star. She’s not a singer. And it’s not really acceptable in those cases either, to be a nasty person.”
Yes, ABC. If you’re gonna call it Dancing With The STARS shouldn’t they use stars?

Mariah Carey and her ample bosoms, on how much she wants to work with Woody Allen:
“I’ve never met him, but Bullets Over Broadway is one of my favorite movies ever. I can quote every word. I think it’s amazing.”
Big breasts, empty head.

Cynthia Nixon on Fight Back New York:
“I am a lifelong New Yorker but I don’t have the rights that most of my friends and neighbors do. I’m engaged to the woman I love, but on December 2, the New York State Senate voted against my right to marry her. Last year prior to the vote, so many of us went up to Albany to speak with our state senators about why marriage equality is so important to us and to our families. They didn’t get the message. They still think that it’s okay to treat me and hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers like second-class citizens. I’m not okay with that. That’s why I’ve decided to fight back. I’m supporting Fight Back New York so that we can finally show these anti-equality state senators that there are consequences to their actions – that they can lose their seats for voting against our rights. Fight Back New York is a smart, strategic political action committee, with the sole purpose of defeating senators who voted ‘no’ on equality…We’ve tried the carrot, now it’s time for the stick. It’s time for anyone who believes in equality to fight back.”
Amen, sister!

Sean Holihan, President of the Virginia Young Democrats, on Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s prejudice against gays.
“There are so many things wrong with this, so many reasons to be angry. You might be angry that while our Universities’ budgets have been gutted, Ken Cuccinelli is now trying to meddle in their hiring and admission processes. Perhaps you are angry because you don’t care who your college professor loves, you just want a good education. Or perhaps you’re outraged because you don’t think your sexual orientation should ever come into account when you’re applying for admission to the College of William and Mary, UVA, or Virginia Tech. Whatever the reason, we are outraged with you. We are outraged by the decision to put personal prejudice ahead of good policy.”

And here’s William & Mary president Taylor Reveley stating his disobedience to Cuchinelli’s edict that state schools should not protect LGBT employees from job discrimination:
“Let’s be clear that William & Mary neither discriminates against people nor tolerates discrimination on our campus. Those of us at W&M insist that members of our campus community be people of integrity who have both the capacity to meet their responsibilities to the university and the willingness to engage others with civility and respect.
We do not insist, however, that members of our community possess any other particular characteristics, whether denominated in race, religion, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other of the myriad personal characteristics that differentiate human beings. We certainly do not discriminate against people on such grounds, or tolerate discrimination against them. This is the way we live our lives together at William & Mary, because we believe this is the way we should live our lives together. This is not going to change.”

And now, time for another Sarah Palin wingnut quote, when she compared herself to God for having notes on her palm:
“If what was good enough for God, scribbling on the palm of his hand, it’s good enough for me, for us…In that passage he says, ‘I wrote your name on the palm of my hand to remember you.’ And I’m like okay, I’m in good company.”

Sinead O’Connor, responding to the Ireland Catholic Church’s request for local parishioners to repay the church for the massive settlements paid to the victims of pedophile priests:
“A true Christian is someone who, in any given situation, is supposed to ask themselves what would Jesus do, then try to do that. How an organisation which has acted, decade after decade, only to protect its business interests above the interests of children can feel it has the right to dictate to us what Christians should do is beyond belief. From the Pope on down, through the Vatican and therefore through the lower echelons, the whole organisation, in my belief, is utterly anti-Christian and evil, as proven by centuries of torture, bloodshed, burnings, terrorism, and coverings-up of ‘the worst crime’ known to man. And if Jesus Christ is to be seen in the vulnerable of this world, then all the church has done is crucify the man over and over and over again. If Christ was here, he would be burning down the Vatican. And I for one would be helping him.”


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