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>God Is Love, Two: Central United Methodist Church


The good folks at Central United Methodist Church, in Toledo, Ohio, are starting a new campaign. It’s a simple one, really, with a simple message they’ve displayed on an electronic billboard. It is intended to be a gift to those who have experienced hurt and discrimination because of their real or perceived sexual orientation. The Church seeks nothing less than the healing of the world, and Central UMC wants to offer words and acts of healing to those hurt and marginalized.

Their message:

Declaring that being gay is a gift from God is a prophetic call to the Church to get out of the business of marginalizing gay and lesbian persons from the Church, and to welcome them as full members. The purpose of this campaign is 1) to offer welcome to all persons who are gay; 2) to challenge the larger Church to fully accept persons who are gay into the life of the Church; and 3) to call on all people to bring all the gifts of who they are to God.
God is happy about this, because she’s tired of all the bull shiz.




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>God Is Love: Douglass Boulevard Christian Church


Last week, in Louisville, Kentucky, the congregation of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church unanimously–you read that right, unanimously–voted to end the practice of signing marriage licenses because they give legal benefits to heterosexual couples that are not available to homosexual couples. 

And until marriage equality is the law of the land, Douglass Boulevard Christian Church ministers will only perform religious wedding ceremonies, which we all know are not legal without a signed marriage certificate.

Associate Minister Ryan Kamp-Pappan: “As an Open and Affirming Community of Faith, our membership is committed to treating homosexuals and heterosexuals equally. Our congregation believes it is unfair to provide different services and benefits to heterosexual couples than we can provide to gay and lesbian couples.”

Senior minister, the Reverend Derek Penwell added, “Heterosexual couples enjoy a number of benefits that result from having state-sanctioned union. They may inherit property, adopt children together, visit one another in the hospital, and save thousands each year in taxes by filing as a couple. Ministers, as agents of the state, have the power to confer these benefits-and the imprimatur of normalcy-on heterosexual couples, but we do not have the honor to bestow these benefits on gay and lesbian couples.”

The Reverend Chuck Lewis, Chair of Elders with the church, said, “In our attempt to live out God’s call to pursue justice for all, the Elders of the congregation joined the Pastors in witnessing to the right for gay and lesbian persons to God’s blessing on their union and witnessing to the Commonwealth toward ending the refusal to recognize these unions.”

Douglass Boulevard Christian Church has been committed to seeking justice for all people since it was founded in 1846. In 2008, Douglass Boulevard Christian Church voted to become an Open and Affirming Community of Faith.

In 2011, God–if you believe in that sort of thing–was doing cartwheels and heaping praise ion the ministers and congregation at Douglas Boulevard Christian Church.



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>Quinn Matley Is A Liar…The Worst Kind


I’m sure you all read the story of Quinn Matley, who said he was burned on his hand by a hot piece of metal, simply because he’s gay. A hate crime, no? No, it seems that the story isn’t true, and now Quinn Matley has been charged by police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for filing a false police report.

This disgusts me.

How many gay men and women, and men and women simply assumed to be gay, have been attacked, beaten, and killed? And how many wingnut politicians say we don’t need Hate Crimes legislation? How many people call it ‘special rights’ because every crime is a hate crime?

And then we have this young gay man, making up a story about being attacked; about a hate crime; about being persecuted for his sexual orientation. When people like Quinn Matley make up stories about being attacked for being gay, they diminish the attacks on every other man or woman who was brutalized for being gay, or being assumed to be gay.

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about Joshua Esskew [HERE] who had a beer bottle thrown at his head, and was beaten by eight strangers.

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about that nameless couple in North Carolina who had their house set on fire [HERE].

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about the victims of a gay bashing too terrified to have their names released [HERE].

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about Matthew Shepard [HERE] beaten and murdered for being gay.

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about José Sucuzhañay, who, in fact wasn’t gay, just assumed to be gay [HERE].

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about Kieran Daly [HERE] who was beaten by two marines on the streets of Savannah.

I could go on and on but it hurts too much. Go on up to the top of the page and type in ‘hate crime’ and click search. You’ll see.

I hope Quinn Matley gets punished to the fullest extent of the law. i hope he gets some jail time, or, failing that, expelled from school. And and I hope he spends a great deal of time thinking about the men and women who have been attacked for being gay, and wondering just what they think of him now,.

Because I’m sure that those men and women, like me, don’t think very much of Quinn Matley at all.


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>John Finley Gruber Has Died

>from South Florida

James “John” Finley Gruber, Jr., the last original member of the Mattachine Society, died in his home in Santa Clara February 27, at the age of 82. Born in Des Moines on August 21, 1928, Gruber enjoyed sexual relations with both men and women from an early age. In 1946, Gruber enlisted in the Marines where, as he recalled, he “went bananas in the sex department.” After Gruber was honorably discharged in 1949, he studied English literature at Occidental College and befriended authors Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden and psychologist Evelyn Hooker.
In April of 1951, Gruber and his boyfriend Konrad “Steve” Stevens attended a meeting hosted by a gay advocacy group soon to be known as the Mattachine Society. Soon Gruber and Stevens were invited to join the other founders: Harry Hay, Rudi Gernreich, Chuck Rowland, Bob Hull and Dale Jennings. According to historian John D’Emilio, it was Gruber who suggested the name Mattachine Society for the new group, inspired by Hay’s talk about medieval “mattachines.”
“Gruber and Stevens were the only two of the original seven without strong left-wing ties or sympathies,” wrote the historian John Loughery, “but their physical charm, youth, and eagerness made them highly desirable additions and a speedy and significant difference in attracting new members.” Gruber readily embraced his “newly chosen family,” and brokered a meeting between the Society and Gruber’s famous friends Isherwood and Hooker.
Gruber was also responsible for a famous photo of the early Mattachine Society that now appears in LGBT history books. Taken at Harry Hay’s house on Cove Avenue, the photo preserves for posterity Mattachine members Hay, Gernreich, Rowland, Hull, Jennings, Stan Witt and Paul Bernard. According to historian Daniel Hurewitz, “Hay was so concerned about secrecy that Gruber had to convince him that there was no film in the camera when he took the picture; he revealed the truth only years later.”
By 1953, concern among Society members about their leaders’ Communist ties led to new elections and a change in leadership, Gruber included. Gruber then joined the editorial board of ONE magazine, but soon resigned because of differences with Editor-In-Chief Dale Jennings. Soon after this debacle, according to Jim Van Buskirk, “Gruber worked at KECA radio, created a motorcycle club called the Satyrs…dated both men and women” and taught at various California schools. He called himself “an unmarried alcoholic bisexual teacher,” at least until he joined Alcoholics Anonymous in 1976. On November 12, 1998, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Los Angeles gave Gruber a Public Service Award for his work as a “pioneer and barrier broker.” Gruber lived his last years in Santa Clara, enduring ill health but ably assisted by his good friend Nicholas Pisca. Gruber left behind a manuscript, “The Deviant: an Illustrated Autobiography,” which chronicles his life and times.


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>Reverend Welcomes The Chance To Bless Same-Sex Unions


Wesley United

After being in existence for 150 years, Wesley United Methodist Church closed in 2008 due to a steep decline in membership. It was one of the first megachurches in the Twin Cities, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Then, in 2010, representatives with Minnesota’s United Methodist Annual Conference expressed “considerable concern” over the cost of the building’s upkeep, says Reverend Greg Renstrom, but Methodist leaders agreed with him that the building, and the congregation deserved a second chance. Renstrom said that Wesley was suited to welcome the gay community in the nearby Loring Park area.

Reverend Greg Renstrom

So, the Reverend Greg Renstrom came out of retirement at age 64 to lead the congregation; he agreed to a yearly salary of one dollar. And Reverend Renstrom has more plans for Wesley, plans that could get him defrocked.

He plans to bless same-sex unions.

Renstrom wants to hold ceremonies to bless same-sex unions, even though they would be in conflict with Methodist policy, because, as he says, “[s]omebody has to do it. I cannot imagine that Jesus would ever refuse to bless a responsible, mutually respectful and reverent relationship.”

Renstrom sees the change as a key part of Wesley’s revival, and growth, as a Methodist church. Many in the Minneapolis-St Paul’s large gay community are coming to Wesley for Sunday services.

To get the word out to the gay community, Renstrom placed ads in Lavender magazine and church representatives recently attended a GLBT wedding show in Bloomington. Renstrom said that, although he hasn’t blessed any same-sex unions yet, he plans on doing so, even though he has no idea how the church officials will react. He admits that some people will be “madder than the dickens,” but he believes the move is worth the censure that may arise.

“I have so many friends who are gay and lesbian,” Renstrom said. “I’ve seen the absolute anguish they’ve been placed in because of the refusal of most churches to bless what is a basic relationship. I see this as something we will try to provide in our small way.”

And he knows, that although gay people deserve the same rights in and out of the church, that his plans could lead to him being removed from his position and defrocked.

But he’s going to do it anyway.



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>Another One Comes Out


Anton Hysen, a 22-year-old Swedish second-division footballer, has come out of the closet, and is now Eurpoe’s highest-profile, openly-gay footballer, saying:

“I want to prove that there is no big deal if I’m a footballer and also gay. If I perform as a footballer, then I do not think it matters if I like men or women…There will always be people who can’t tolerate gay people, just like there are people who can’t tolerate immigrants. A club might be interested in me and then the coach might change his mind if he finds out I’m gay, but that is his problem not mine.”

Welcome out, Anton.

And speeding their way to you right now, from Homo HQ, are your copy of the Gay Agenda, and a Toaster Oven, in which you can warm up–and Yes, I’m going there–your Swedish Meatballs.

source Towleroad


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>Big Surprise!! Gaga And Target Part Ways!


I knew it wouldn’t last.

The reported deal between Target and Lady Gaga was dissolved this past week.

I knew it.

Target has a habit of changing their minds without reason or rationale. They say they support the LGBT community, and especially their LGBT employees, but them they give money to anti-gay politicians like Tom Emmer, who in turn gives money to “Christian” rock bands who think gays should die.

Target gets called out on their donation, and they apologize. Then, they say they aren’t sorry, that it’s just “business”. So, then they announce that they” be working with the LGBT community to improve their image, only to re-announce that they won’t be working with the LGBT community.

So, for me, and, I’m sure, most of the LGBT community, we knew the Target/Gaga connection wouldn’t last.

Bob Witeck of Witeck-Combs Communications, who was familiar with the dissolved deal, although he does not represent Gaga or any of the parties, says: “Despite the expectation that this was all unfolding as a deal, it has been in a sensitive stage of continued discussion for probably the last three weeks. Quite a few people, even early on, were afraid it was going to dissolve.”

Back in February, Gaga talked about the deal, saying: “[O]ur relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they’ve made supporting those groups.” 

Of course, we all know, Target doesn’t care about the LGBT community, they care about the $$$$ community.



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